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All About Us

Little Warrior Non-Profit is an upcoming Non-Profit to make an impact on NICU Families. Before becoming a Non-Profit, we contributed many baskets to the NICU’s in and around the area to provide for families and keep the tradition going in memory of Memphis. To honor and keep our little warrior's  love going means the world to me and everyone who supported me throughout our journey. I want to be able to pass it along to others who are going through the challenging path of having their loved ones in the NICU. You can read our journey and what we went through on our Facebook Page Memphis_Strong.

Little Warrior's Team

Helping NICU Families Is Our Passion

Let's introduce the fantastic team we are working with at Little Warrior.

This team isn't just a team. We are family.

We come together when someone needs a hug or something more.
It all started with #Memphis_Strong! We came together to inform people about Hydrops while being strong for Haley and her family when she needed us most. Working together to raise awareness for something close to the heart means so much more. Little Warrior is an extension to #Memphis_Strong, and we are more than honored to be a part of it!

Our Biggest Supporters'

Having the support from the community and the people around us is how we at Little Warrior are able to continue to spread the love to the NICU Families. We want to recognize people who support Little Warrior as much as we do. 



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Helping NICU Families Is Our Passion

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